Final TBall Game

You talkin' to ME?

He's a handsome man, but he's not a fan of my camera.

So, William played his last game today.  Happy and sad about this.  Glad to have our weekends back for a few weeks. Sad about losing all our new friends.

The team has come a long way since they started playing in June.  Bryan spent a lot of time teaching them how to catch and throw, how to stand correctly at bat, how to bat…  the list goes on for a minute.

We are so proud of the whole team, and of Bryan.  A lot of extra work for him, but every kid on the team came away a little better than when they started…most came away a lot better.

We start soccer in a few weeks.  Hopefully we’ll get some some good pictures out of that, too.

Until then!

The Maynards



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  1. Aunt Kathy says:

    Those are great pictures! I really liked that first one – but then I like them all!! Keep up the good work!! Glad you amde it through your first T-ball season and I’m sure many more to come! Fun times – cherish them. I know I still do =) Love y’all!

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