Buzzy’s Weekend with William

Happy Monday everyone. This weekend, the Maynard family, and William in particular had a very special “visitor” for the weekend. William’s pre-school class “The Busy Bees”, have a class pet that is named Buzzy. He was the lucky guy that got to bring Buzzy home for the weekend. Good times were had by all.

On Friday night, Mommy and Aunt Megan went to a concert meaning it was a “guy’s night out” for Daddy, William, and Buzzy. We got to eat a good dinner, watch one of the Star Wars movies, and then defeat the empire upstairs in William’s room. The light sabers were flying like crazy. Then William and Buzzy got TWO bedtime stories.

Saturday morning, we all woke up and had cowboy toast and sausage for breakfast before all heading down to the music store to accompany William to his violin lesson. Post lesson was even more fun as we all drove down to Springfield to get on the Metro for a ride into the city (D.C.) for a trip to the National Zoo. It was a good time that involved a lot of walking, and a lot of visiting the different animals at the zoo. We saw Panda Bears, Lions, Tigers, Elephants, and all sorts of furry little creatures in the small mammal building. After the zoo, we went and had an AMAZING italian dinner at Pizze in D.C. It was probably the best pizza I’ve ever had, including some that I had in Sicily. After the trip, William and Buzzy were worn out, and took a well-deserved snooze in the car.

Sunday was a lazy day for all of us. We did go to the park, although it was very cold outside. William and Buzzy went on a long run, and then we took a quick hike through the woods, culminating in an exasperating climb up one of the biggest hills in the county. Buzzy had it made as William carried him up the hill, but William was quite the trooper.

Pictures from the adventure can be found by clicking the link below:

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