Christmas 2011

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  1. Aunt Kathy says:

    Hey William that was AWESOME!!!! period! It reminded me so, so much of Alicia at that age – and guess what?? she got sea monkeys and play-doh too!! How about that William?? Did you know they made those things over 20 years ago??? and she always got lots of candy too! and gloves and funky socks! and hair accessories. She had a big old stocking like the one you got too! It was three feet tall – It would always take her forever to go thru all of it – because she would hold up everything and wait for mom to take a picture of it too =) She really enjoyed that stocking when she was about your age. Maybe I can find a picture or a video and put it on here for you to see when she was a little bitty girl =) I really miss her alot since she is all grown up and lives way, way around the world from me – so I sure am glad I got to watch these videos of you having fun with your stocking and stuff from from Santa! And tell me, what all did Santa bring you? Did you bake those cookies for him? He must have loved them!! And tell momie I am still waiting for her to video you playing your violin for me. I saw where you got a bigger one than you had the last time I saw you. You had your first one then. You remember when we was playing pirates and cutting off each others legs and stuff at grannies and pawpaws?? Arrrrrr matey!! I love you and miss you kiddo! and tell mommie and daddy I said I love them and miss them too!! I hope you are enjoying your new house. Are you going to school there? Are you still in gymnastics?? Playing soccer?? Or do you have time to do all of that stuff? Well, I will let you go and you email me back when you have time between eating all that candy and playing all those games and sports and your violin!!

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