T-Ball 2011

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Opening Day Ceremony
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Game 1 Part 1
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Game 1 Part 2
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Game 1 Part 3
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Game 1 Part 4
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William Hitting


4 Responses to T-Ball 2011

  1. Granny says:

    You are our Superstar!! We love you.
    Granny and Pawpaw

  2. Kathy says:

    Way to go William!!!! I just watched you hit and then run to every base and score a point for your team!!!!!! Woo-hoo!! I was cheering for you! And by the way – I love your number – #1 – because you are number “1” in our book!!!! And you have the coolest sunglasses ever too! I wish I had me a pair of them – but I wouldn’t look near as cool as you in them!! Keep up the good work and tell mom to keep on posting the videos so we can watch you play! And tell dad to keep up the good work coaching your team too – he is doing an awsome job! I love you!!! Aunt Kat

  3. william says:


    thank you, dear granny, come to my birthday please, I love you oh and bring papaw too and uncle brandon


  4. Granny says:

    Hey sweet boy. I will have to talk to Pawpaw about the birthday party. We have a lot of little animals we can’t leave right now. Maybe we can have a special birthday party when you visit us in Texas! That would be fun. We love you and we need swimming videos next!! It looks like you are having a fun summer. We love you.
    Granny and Pawpaw and Uncle Brandon

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